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A story bet. a man who lost his passion and a weather-beaten homosexual torn between his forbidden love and his devotion to his God set off inside a makeshift lovenest called "Tarima" - Opens November in Manila
An unconventional love story between a man who lost his passion and a weather-beaten homosexual torn between his forbidden love and his devotion to his God set off inside a makeshift lovenest called "Tarima".

Cast of Characters:

Fanny Serrano
Gloria Romero
Rocky Salumbides
Rustica Carpio
Gina Alajar
Ana Capri
Tiya Pusit
JP Mesda
Rap Rap Leuterio
Dan Alvaro
Raymond Cabral
Oscar Peralta
Jett Rai
Tita Swarding

"Tarima" is a film directed by Neal Tan. The film stars the the fashion and beauty icon Fanny Serrano together with Ms. Gloria Romero, Chokoleit and former PBB Double-up housemate Rocky Salumbides.

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Synopsis: This film is based on a true story.

An advocacy film for the inmates who are victims of injustice. It is also an advocacy film to uplift the image of the marginalized sector of Philippine society--the third sex.

TARIMA is the story of Roselo, the dressmaker for religious icons and relics of Quiapo church.
...It is the story of his life and his unconditional love for his grandmother and Bryan, the inmate who once again gives meaning to his existence in his routinary world.

Roselo and his best friend Gringo visited their old haunt on Recto ave. When they met a celebrity looking hooker. Roselo, who is still mending a broken heart and still longing for his 'lost love', but Gringo was unstoppable with his lust that night. The hooker turned out to be a hustler and a thief. instead of being hustled, Gringo faught back and eventually killed the hustler.

In Manila City Jail, the first person to visit Gringo is his bes friend Roselo. The new jailbird is desperate to get out. he begs his best friend to do his best to set him free. In his succeeding visits, Roselo was introduced to the life of different kinds of inmates, including young Bryan who was inculcated in a brutal murder of a Chinese family in Binondo.

Bryan's other peers are all hiding due to the controversy and newspaper accounts. his family never visited him and seemingly abandoned him.

Even Bryan's live in girlfriend and the mother of his son failed to visit him. Eventually, Gringo adapted to the life in city jail. He even confided to Roselo that he prefers now to live inside the jail than to resume his life on the streets of Quiapo. Roselo is doing his best to find a good lawyer for Gringo. On his regular visits, Bryan's antagonism towards Roselo intensified into curiosity.

Due to depression, Bryan attempted to end his life. Roselo's knowledge of Bryan's predicament gives the first courage to finally succumb to his curiosity despite the snob treatment he gave Roselo.

Roselo has developed an emotion from pity to unconditional love for Bryan. He even contacted the long lost girlfriend of Bryan and their child. he even produced photos of the child just to compensate for their long absence.

Despite the intrusion of his grandmother Imang, Roselo continued to visit Gringo and most of all Bryan. He devoted his life making dresses for the saints in Quiapo church and many regular customers of his grandmother. He divided his from work and tending to the needs, material and emotional, of his friend Gringo, and his newfound love Bryan.

Though his love is unrequited, Roselo, in the first place never expected that some bosy like Bryan will ever learn to reciprocate his love, continued to give solace and advice and much needed visits.

Until one Black Nazarene feast day, when Roselo met his untimely demise, the word tumbled upside down for his grandmother Imang, Gringo, and Bryan.

Will justice ever prevail?

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